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Residential-urban area

Period of growth in energy prices is our goal, together with our customers to seek appropriate solutions, which are mainly aimed at:

  • efficient use of energy for heating and water management
  • expert work for the rehabilitation and operation of energy facilities and distribution
  • Search reserves in their consumption
  • ensure thermal comfort
  • offering alternative sources:
    1. solar systems
    1. heat pump

    Energy services and installation

    The energy service and installation we offer the following:

    contractor company:

  • Hydraulic regulation of heating systems and thermostatic valves
  • Hydraulic regulation system of hot water
  • Implementation of new and replacement of existing distribution ditribúcie water sources to water treatment and isolation
  • Installation of heat meters and PRVN
  • Installation of water meters for SV and TV
  • Ensure verification of heat meters and water meters
  • Ensure the breakdown of the costs of heating
  • Process Automation

    In the procedural automation our company as a contractor\'s leading manufacturers offering the following products:

    • Measurement and control of pressure and temperature

    • Inductive sensors, capacitive, ultrasonic and optical
    • Control units

    • Heat meters

    • Ball valves, control valves and other elements in water distribution and heating


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